About Our Company

Surlymommacat is our veteran owned company that offers
candles, wax melts, and paw print shaped wax melts. We are a new company that plans to grow and offer more products.

All of our products are 100% all natural soy. Our soy is
grown in the US and our products are hand poured to ensure quality.

Our company was started as a way to help support cat rescue.
We foster cats and help to trap, neuter, and rescue cats.
We help provide homes and outside shelters, where we find feral cats. We also build
them an enclosure to keep them out of the elements. One of the cats we fostered
was a mama cat. She had her kittens, but she was so grouchy that we started
calling her surly mama cat. Well, she is now part of our family and we named
the business for her.

We hope that you give us the chance to provide your home
with the wonderful fragrances we offer. You would also get the joy & peace of
helping an animal rescue.